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We advise our clients to obtain authorizations for products such as: pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cosmetics, among others. Likewise, authorizations for the importation, commercialization and manufacture of food and beverages.

Our services also include consultancy for the compliance of labeling the aforementioned products.

Our experience in administrative management with organizations such as DIGESA, DIGEMID, SANIPES, SENASA, gives us an advantage over other services of the same or similar nature in the market.

Regulation in medicines and pharmaceuticals is complex and multisectoral. It starts from obtaining a sanitary registration to a completely normative web that is related to special authorizations from Customs, Minsa and even the registration of a trademark or device in Indecopi.

There are various requirements and authorizations for food and beverages that must be fulfilled in detail. The Pura Vida case of Gloria S.A. is a clear example of how complex and delicate are the existing regulations.

Our experience and professionalism in this sector makes us an alternative that every small, medium or large-sized enterprise should take into consideration.