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The "red tape" is one of the evils that generate major obstacles in the development of companies and in the end, increase costs for users and consumers.
Our services help companies identify and eliminate those bureaucratic obstacles that usually manifest themselves in unnecessary requirements, unjustified fees, among others.

Likewise, we are trained to provide support to public entities so that they can avoid illegally or unreasonably demanding requirements or others in their regulations and TUPA.

Bureaucratic barriers prohibited by law may be illegal bureaucratic barriers and unreasonable bureaucratic barriers.

A) Illegal

When it contravenes any of the provisions that guarantee the free functioning of the market and that the Commission for the Elimination of Bureaucratic Barriers of Indecopi (CEB for its acronym in Spanish) is in charge of supervising.

B) Lacking reasonableness

A bureaucratic barrier is unreasonable when its object or purpose, or the demands derived from it, are contrary to the practices and principles of a logical, reasonable and proportional order, which must govern within the framework of a social market economy.

According to article 19 of Legislative Decree No. 1256, the procedure followed before the Commission for the Elimination of Bureaucratic Barriers of INDECOPI (CEB for its acronym in Spanish) has a maximum duration of one hundred and twenty (120) business days. The same term applies to the procedure followed before the second instance.

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