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We defend the interests of our clients of the different entities of the State (CONSUCODE, SUNARP, SUNAT, Municipalities, Regulatory Organisms, etc.), in various administrative procedures such as licenses, authorizations, modifications, among others.

Likewise, we offer services of constitutions of companies, branches, and modification of statutes, among others.

Our services in this area are diverse, among which we can mention:

  • OSCE. Public procurement (works, services, supplies, concessions, mixed companies, public-private sector collaboration, etc.). Advice on public tenders. Elaboration of bidding specifications. Claims regarding classification and adjudication. Files of termination of contracts, payment claims regarding the price, interest on delay or compensation, etc.
  • SUNARP. Public domain assets (water, coasts, ports, airports, mines, mountains, roads, historic-artistic and cultural heritage, etc.). Use of the public domain (authorizations and concessions).
  • Sanctioning proceedings in any area of the Public Administration.