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Our services in this area are defined according to the nature of our clients’ activities. We focus our work on prevention (compliance, conciliation, program implementation, among others), as well as on complaints that may be presented in Indecopi, Susalud, Osiptel, Autoridad de Datos Personales (Personal Data Authority), among others.

We have a wide and recognized experience in various sectors such as banks, insurance, telecommunications, food, education, automobiles, retail, real-estate, among others.

In recent years, due to the economic growth and the consumers and users empowerment, as well as the growing popularity of online social networking, claims and complaints against all types of companies has increased exponentially.

Also, the various amendments to the regulation of consumer protection through the Congreso de la República (Congress of the Republic), the Executive Branch by delegation of powers or regulatory bodies in their respective sectors, force companies to have to rely on specialist advice to prevent fines and penalties. Likewise, to avoid a deterioration in its image or reputation and of the trademark.

Our firm believes that it is important that our clients have programs to train their employees in critical points of contact with their customers or clients. Likewise, the need for an adequate audit in order to establish compliance and / or implementation of the regulations for consumer protection, from the correct use of the Complaint book to the fulfillment of requirements established in the sectoral regulations, often unknown by companies and their in-house advisors.
Our services include all the aforementioned, as well as the effective defense against a complaint or sanctioning procedure, seeking to avoid any administrative penalty. Therefore, we look for the immediate amendment of the infringement, conciliation and if necessary, the detailed analysis of the case when it has already been reported in order to satisfy the client’s interests.