10 de February, 2023
AI produced art and their copyright

OpenAI released its text-to-image generation model based on transformers architecture called DALL·E and this has generated a numerous amount of […]

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9 de February, 2023

According to a recent ranking published by the magazine specialized in IP Marcasur, Peru is among the first countries whose […]

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7 de February, 2023
Adidas in dispute with Thom Browne

Adidas and luxury fashion trademark Thom Browne were engaged in a jury trial over Thom Browne’s use of a four-stripe […]

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7 de February, 2023
I already have REGISTERED my Trademark, now what? By Dr. Paul Castro Garcia

Tips for a Registered Trademark REGISTERED TRADEMARK | In the exercise of my profession, a frequent error that I have […]

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5 de July, 2022
Indecopi fines a company with more than 100 UIT for importing Chinese products with a design similar to the original

Indecopi fined a Peruvian company for importing sprayers from China in 2021, whose designs were similar to those sold by […]

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18 de March, 2022
American Express Files Trademark Applications for Metaverse and NFT Logos

Recent U.S. Patent and Trademark Office filings show how American Express could be venturing into Web3. American Express, the world's […]

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1 de February, 2022
What is an NFT?

We have seen an unprecedented in popularity of NFTS in the last couple years since their creation. However, a lot […]

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31 de January, 2022
Congress approves international arrangements regarding patents and trademarks

This last Wednesday, the Peruvian congress voted in favor of two separate international arrangements (“Strasbourg arrangement” and “Vienna arrangement”) that […]

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26 de January, 2022
Famous trademark cases for businesses to learn from: The Academy Awards vs. GoDaddy

Back in 2010, The Academy Awards went up against the domain retailer GoDaddy, alleging that they let customers buy “confusingly” […]

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14 de January, 2022
"Patent" What is the difference between registering a patent or a trademark?

Surely, on more than one occasion, we have heard the phrase "patent a brand", erroneous expression that is based on […]

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